How to Tie a Windsor Knot

Although the Duke of Windsor never specifically used the Windsor knot, he did favor a wide triangular knot. In actuality, the Duke achieved his trendsetting look by tying a Four-in-Hand with specially made wide and extra thick ties. The Windsor knot was invented by the public as a way to imitate the Duke's knot style. There are several derivatives of the Windsor that are all referred to by the same name. The Windsor delivers a symmetrical and solid triangular knot that works best with a spread collar. This knot is also mistakenly referred to as the “Double Windsor” knot.

See the instruction below with photos.

* Note the opposite handedness is in the ()

  • Step One

    Start with the wide part of the tie on the right side(or Left), Like above. You will only move the wide side of the tie.

    * opposite handedness instruciton in ()

  • Step Two

    Wide side over the narrow side.

  • Step Three

    Up through the neck loop from the underneath.

  • Step Four

    Down to the right. ( or left if you started on the left)

  • Step Five

    Around the back of the narrow side to the left. (or right)

  • Step Six

    Up to the center towards the neck loop.

  • Step Seven

    Through the neck loop and down to the left. ( or Right)

  • Step Eight

    Across the front to the right. ( or Left)

  • Step Nine

    Up into the neck loop from the underneath.

  • Step Ten

    Down through the loop in the front you just created.

  • Step Eleven

    Tighten the knot by pulling the wide end and adjust the knot up.

  • Step Twelve

    Look great and enjoy your night.

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