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Wooden Element

Wooden Element Dessert Storm Chronograph

Wooden Element Dessert Storm Chronograph

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The Desert Storm watch features a camo band and a black Sandalwood chronograph dial. It is our most popular watch with a strap. 

Sandalwood is native to Asia, Australia, Hawaii, and the Pacific. Sandalwood heartwood, which is close-grained, is used for fine furniture and carving. The heartwood and roots also contain ‘sandal oil’ which is valued for use in perfumes, incense, cosmetics, soaps, and medicines. The bark contains tannin, which is used for dye.

This is a handcrafted wooden wrist watch that features a camo highlighted chronograph dial set in a black sandalwood case. It also features a custom light weight camo band. 

The dial is protected by a scratch-free and ultra durable mineral glassWatch features Japanese Quartz Movement.

As each piece of wood is unique, grain pattern may vary very slightly. 

 Product Dimensions: 


Dial: 1.7 inches approx (44 mm) 

Battery: SONY SR626SW

This watch is not water resistant. 

Recommend taking your watch to a professional watch store when changing batteries. 

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