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Mission Belt Co.

Mission Belt Matte Blue Buckle Orange Flare Nylon Belt

Mission Belt Matte Blue Buckle Orange Flare Nylon Belt

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Buckle not pictured, but is included in purchase.

It's like a Swiss Army Knife for your pants. Our Nylon Collection is made from a durable, nylon webbing that doesn't just keep your pants up but makes you look good in the process. Mountain ranges and golf ranges alike don't stand a chance when squared up against this puppy so go forward with confidence and carpe diem (or YOLO if you're under 30). For the rugged and refined in all of us.

The best no-holes belt is at your fingertips. This fusion of functionality and style utilizes Mission Belt's track system, a core feature of your favorite no-holes belt. Something you use every day should work great so make sure it's a Mission Belt.


Materials: 1.5"" nylon strap

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