Dorfman Pacific

Dorfman Pacific Matte Toyo Fedora W/ Stripe

Dorfman Pacific Matte Toyo Fedora W/ Stripe

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Fedoras hats for men are known for a number of different aesthetic qualities. Their soft brims can often be snapped up or down, depending on the wearer’s preference. The crown of the hat is typically pinched at the sides and in the front, creating the unique look we have grown accustomed to when browsing for new wardrobe additions. One of the most popular hats of the 20th century was the fedora hat for men. While its initial use was that of a more casual counterpart to rigid styles, like top hats, today, the fedora hat is seen as a style that can bring a touch of formality to an outfit.

The men’s fedora hat style is usually made of felt from an animal, but the cap style make also showcases its special style in straw, cotton, linen, or leather. Some varieties are also adorned with ribbon around the base of the crown.

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